What is a Construction Loan?

excavator digs a hole

Home Construction Loans Fund Your Dreams If you’re interested in taking out an individual construction loan to build the perfect home, there’s a few things you need to know. In the past, many builders funded homes using their own capital, then prospective buyers would purchase the homes using traditional mortgages. Today, many smaller builders have… [Read More]

The Benefits of a VA Loan


If you’re a veteran, servicemember or surviving spouse of a veteran, you’ve likely heard of VA loans before. These amazing nonconventional loans have some great advantages when compared with other types of loans. Millions of veterans, servicemembers and other candidates across the country enjoy the many benefits of these mortgages. Read on to learn more… [Read More]

VA Loan Eligibility


In this week’s blog from First Financial Bank – Bill Lavelle, we’ll talk about VA loan eligibility. VA loans are a nonconventional mortgage option available to certain servicemembers, veterans and others who have directly or indirectly served the country. They’re guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and are funded by VA-approved lenders. If… [Read More]

One-Time Construction Loans Save Money and Time


If you’re interested in purchasing a home in Columbus or nearby Ohio, you’ll need to learn about the different types of construction loans. One-time close construction loans are a popular option among many of our borrowers because they have fewer fees and paperwork to deal with than stand-alone construction loans. Lenders provide funding for the… [Read More]


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